A True Universal Access Solution

Consumers and developers alike have had to deal with the complications brought about by separate, disparate accessibility standards. Windows with MSAA and UI Automation, Mac OS with CocoaNSAccessibility, Linux with AT-SPI, you name it. This doubles – sometimes even triples – the workload for developers striving for unparalleled access across platforms. Historically, cross-platform toolkits that end up integrating accessibility hit Windows first before they do Mac and/or Linux. This could be for a number of reasons – larger market-share, more documentation, budget/time constraints, etc. But regardless, users are left behind.

Not anymore. AccessKit enables developers to do their accessibility implementation once in order to make it accessible for nearly all use cases. At last, developers can spend less time working their way through the complications of the various accessibility implementations and more time fine-tuning their user interface to provide the best in accessibility for assistive technology across the board.



Attainable. Efficient. Cross-platform

AccessKit respects your time and budget by taking care of the platform communication aspect of accessibility. Once you key in all the pertinent accessibility information about your UI elements, AccessKit will take it from there.

How it works